Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Recently, Cindy Au has been hosting a reminiscing show called "Heung To Yan Ching" (Literal translation - Homeland Feelings) introducing the daily life of the early Hong Kong people and with extracts from the way they lived, such as the old rice shops, cooling tea shops and other memorable features. In the past many young people liked to date on the electric trams and on this occasion we arranged to go for a ride on the classic tram and relive those memories and that atmosphere. Thinking of the olden days, she tells of how she once dated another woman, but in then end she chose the opposite sex.

Cindy says to the reporter on the tram: "Actually I can count the number of times I have been on a tram on the fingers of one hand as I can only count three or four times because my ex-boyfriends and I are Kowloon people. However riding a tram or cable car or going to Ocean Park are great dates." Cindy's first love was when she was in Form 3 and for an unknown reason, her boyfriend often took her to Ocean Park and the most interesting thing happened there.

Since she was young, Cindy has always had short hair and dressed like a boy, so she once tried going with into the men's toilets with her boyfriend and she used the cubicle whilst her boyfriend used the urinal. He found it all rather strange, so she asked him: "Don't you think I am like a guy?" At the time, her boyfriend no longer pursued her. Cindy reveals: "Once when I went into the ladies, the attendant told me to go back to the gents, so I just decided to use the men's toilets and after that I went in a few times, checking before I went in to avoid any embarrassing moments."

Cindy describes herself has having big eyes, thick eyebrows and short hair, like a thug and her love for dressing like a man was down to her parents' influence. Her mother is from Chiu Chow and her grandad always wanted a grandson but her mother had two daughters, so she dressed the two girls up as boys, never buying dresses for them, with the only dress in the wardrobe being school uniform. Her toys were mainly cars and planes and little girls playing with dolls would never be seen.

Cindy's personality is direct and playful and she tells the secret of how she was once pursued by a homosexual schoolmate. She says: "Don't see me as looking like a man, once I was fancied by a masculine looking female schoolmate! After I grew up and thought back, I really couldn't understand why a masculine looking girl would like another masculine woman. She even pushed me to the wall and kissed me for a few minutes! I was scared to death by her..." Although her curiosity made her want to try a lesbian relationship, but in the end it ended after a week because the other girl's personality was too extreme.

In fact, whilst Cindy was in secondary school, there were many boys after her and faced with the choice of homosexual or heterosexual relationships, after a month of conflict, she opted for the latter and recently she has changed her appearance to a more feminine look.

Falling in love with Roger Kwok has caused Cindy to change a lot, they have dated for four years and with fifteen years between their ages, even she admits that they are from two different eras. No matter in life experience or handling situations, Roger will be more mature than her, but Cindy will not let down her guard as she puts all her effort into catching up with him.


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