Monday, September 22, 2003

Ratings Report

[Ming Pao]

TVB's "Seed of Hope" takes over from "Not Just A Pretty Face" and gained an average of 25 points for last week, falling by one point gaining approximately 1.6 million viewers. Leading star of "Seed" Kenix Kwok says that this was better than expected and does not feel disappointed as she says: "'Not Just A Pretty Face' has had some good reviews, but only got 26 points, and normally subsequent series will fall by about 2 points, so only falling one is not a bad result."

"Find the Light" gained an average of 25 points up by 2 points on last week, making Shirley Yeung rather pleased as she hopes that it will continue to rise this week. Also "Virtues of Harmony" rose by three points up to an average of 29 points.


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