Monday, September 15, 2003

Ratings report 16/09/03

With TVB's bold move in taking "Princess Pearl 3" out of prime time viewing into the 6pm slot, yesterday's ratings reports showed that the ratings for the show have dropoped to just 7 points with just 433,600 viewers. It has plummeted since before the switch, but TVB are pleased with the result for this time slot.

The focus after yesterday's reports were announced was on the replacement series "Find the Light". This show's first week brought in 23 points, achieving the same as the first week of "Princess Pearl".

According to TVB's External Affairs Assistant Director Mr Tsang, this was because it was Mid-Autumn holiday last Thursday and Friday and many people went away causing the drop in viewers. In fact, the ratings for "Virtues of Harmony" and "Not Just A Pretty Face" also fell so this was not the fault of "Find the Light". Last weeks ratings at the 6pm slot was 5 points and it has risen to 7 points with the movement of "Princess Pearl" and this is a significant rise, indicating a successful gain in viewers for that slot. The effect of Mid Autumn also extended to the charity show for Po Leung Kuk that only achieved 20 points, 3 points down on last year but there was a three percent rise in the proportion of total vieweres that reveals that the number of actual viewers had decreased.


[Additional from Oriental Daily]

Ratings for "Not Just a Pretty Face" was in the thirties from Monday through Wednesday, but fell to just 26 points on Thursday and Friday for the ending.
"Virtues of Harmony" averaged at 26 points for the week.


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