Sunday, September 21, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

With a less than satisfactory driving record, Charmaine Sheh has had a few accidents in her time and earlier had her licence suspended for three months. Charmaine was filming for "Gum Chi Yuk Yip" (Palatial Sins) yesterday and mentioned that since she had her licence stopped, she has been a lot more careful with her driving and will no longer speed. If she is too sleepy, she will take a taxi instead and be a responsible motorist and so after her licence was reinstated, she has not had any more penalties.

Charmaine reveals that she was advised by a Feng Shui master at the beginning of the year that she should not drive in October and November. Although the master did not indicate that something would happen, but Charmaine would rather believe him just to be sure. Previously she could have prevented this anyway because "Palatial Sins" was due to go to Beijing in October for filming, but now that has been postponed to December so she must stay in Hong Kong to face this 'crisis'.

After much consideration, Charmaine has decided not to drive during this time and hire a driver to take her to and fro. Charmaine comforts herself by saying: "Hiring a driver has its benefits, it will help to dispel any rumours if I catch a lift from a colleague, so I can kill two birds with one stone."


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