Tuesday, September 30, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Victoria Jolly has earlier decided to leave the showbiz industry to continue her university studies so after finishing filming on "Sum Fong Sum Yuk Juk Gor Juk", she will be returning to the schoolyard. Yesterday, she attended her first day as a trainee at a hotel in Causeway Bay for experience lasting six months.

In order not to intrude on her colleagues at the hotel, Victoria was only available for interview during her lunch break and it appears that in her first morning at work, she has been in uniform at the front desk. She says happily: "As well as trying this position, I will be doing other jobs in the hotel. (Did the guests recognise you today?) Most of the guests are tourists from China and I haven't really been paying attention to their responses, but I have been planning to work here since I entered the pageant and many of my colleagues have welcomed me back." Although Victoria is happy with her work, her legs have not been behaving themselves because she is not used to standing up for so long and will be buying some new shoes on her lunch break: "I need to buy some shoes with wider heel and not so high, I can't wear three inches like I did for Miss Hong Kong!"

Apart from this, the new show "Fei Sheung Ngoi Fu" (Unusual Father In Law) will be airing soon and when asked whether she will be helping with the promotions, she says: "I will have to check the timing, but my work at the hotel comes first."


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