Tuesday, September 02, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Three years ago, Dayo Wong teamed up with Dodo Cheng to make TVB's smash hit sitcom "Nam Chan Nui Ngoi" (The War of the Genders) and went on to break the ratings record of 48 points making Dayo the talk of the town. In November, Dayo will be back with TVB to film "Dung Duk San Tam" (Stand-up Sleuth), using his greatest talent of stand-up comedy to perform the role of a super sleuth and with the hope of recreating the legend that "War of the Genders" has become.

The new show is a 25-episode mystery comedy, with "War of Genders" producer Tsui Ching Hong teaming up once more with Dayo to weave their magic again and although there is still over two months before filming starts, the two have been in contact to think up new ideas for the show to ensure there is nothing left to chance.

Producer Tsui reveals that the new show will feature Dayo as a detective with the gift of the gab and using this talent he will solve some great mysteries. In reality, Dayo's stand-up comedy talents have power beyond doubt and together with the public's demand for his performance for so long, there will be a guaranteed level of ratings.

As for a female lead, it is still in consideration a the moment, with regards to the other part of Dayo's ratings legend Dodo, it will be difficult to see them back together because she cannot accept the harsh conditions under which filming of a normal series takes place.

Because Dayo cannot be described as a 'handsome male lead', he doesn't mind if there is someone better looking than him and other pretty girls and handsome guys are brought in. For now Producer Tsui is considering how many pretty girls to bring into support Dayo and who out of TVB's leading ladies can be matched into a pair with Dayo. At the moment, Dayo is taking a vacation abroad, but on his return, he will be throwing himself into preparing for his new show.


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