Saturday, September 06, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Steven Ma took part in his capacity as "Caring Ambassador" in an event yesterday and revealed that with his contract with TVB up at the end of the year, this is now in the hands of his management company to discuss the renewal, but he will soon be filming some series on the mainland soon, so it will be next year at the earliest before he will be back filming with TVB.

Recently there have been many returning male leads, such as Patrick Tam, Michael Tao and Sunny Chan, is he worried about losing his position? Steven replies: "I'm not worried, because every male artist has their own personality and will not affect each other and anyway we are all good friends. The most important things is to have your own way of performing so I will not be too worried."


[Oriental Daily]

As the Mid-Autumn festival is upon us, Myolie Wu and her TVB Junior Wong Tin Ngo together with Lam Kei Yan and Rain Lau arrived at an old folks home to hand out mooncakes and do some charity work. This is Myolie's first time as senior to a newcomer and as well as leading him in giving out the presents, they also did exercises with the elderly folk and sang Karaoke with them. Myolie is currently working with Tin Ngo in her show "Choi Hung Kiu" (Rainbow Bridge) and when asked what advice she has for him, she says: "I'd say for him to let himself go when he acts and be more serious. (Also to stop creating any rumours?) Rumours are harmless really, as long as they aren't too outrageous as usually rumours are not real."

As well as this, Lam Kei Yan brought 2800 packs of fruit and mooncakes to old people living alone as a charitable act on behalf of her investment in the vegetarian restaurant. She says: "Actually even before I invested, the restaurant did a lot of charity work, so we get a discount for much of the items and this has brought me good luck, winning a charity raffle, so I believe that the heavens will reward the charitable."


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