Wednesday, September 03, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Sonija Kwok and Shirley Yeung were taking part in a poster shoot for new show "Mo Ming Tin See 3D" (Nameless Angels 3D) yesterday. When the subject of the typhoon was discussed causing filming to be cancelled and giving them an afternoon off, Sonija said she spent the day with her mum watching videos: "I watched a lot of series with my mum, even rewatching my first ever series 'Cham Chun Gei' (A Step in the Past). I felt my acting skills in those days was very poor and I was very wooden with my expressions." As for Shirley, she spent the day at home on the net talking on ICQ, but she emphasises she was just talking to her friends and will not talk to strangers.

Apart from this, Shirley appeared in her new healthy sexy image at a promotion for a cosmetics company. When asked whether her boyfriend Deric Wan is bothered or jealous with her sexy image, Sonija says: "Not really, he just tells me to be careful when I am wearing sexy clothes, after all it's just a job."


[The Sun]

Sonija Kwok was shooting a poster for "Nameless Angels" yesterday and with the Typhoon 9 signal, she reveals that she spent the unexpected day off at home with her mum watching movies, indicating that she watched a Hugh Grant movie that her mum said was good, but she found okay.

Apart from this, with reports that Dayo Wong will be returning to TVB to film new series "Dung Duk San Tam" (Stand-up Sleuth), Sonija was asked whether she would work with her rumoured former boyfriend. She says: "I don't know! If we have to work together that's not a problem." The producer indicated: "I don't think I will ask Sonija and anyway their rumours are from so long ago."

Sonija's new set of ads will soon be released, will boyfriend Deric Wan find her sexy image unacceptable? Sonija says: "He is in Taiwan at the moment and before the storms I called him and he said he understands it is just for work."


Sonija's film "Fighting to Survive" made with Dayo in 2001 that sparked off rumours about their relationship...... but it's all old news now as her open love affair with Deric Wan proves.

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