Saturday, September 20, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Michelle Ye, Wong He, Louisa So and Yumiko Cheng appeared at an event for "World Heart Day 2003" in Sha Tin yesterday and Michelle revealed that she has a problem with her heart ever since she was very young in that her heart naturally beats too fast and when she was five or six, she would faint all the time. When asked whether she can do strenuous activties, she says: "I am a lot better now and I will still do some actions when filming, moreover my health has become a lot better since I started acting because I always have to run around, whereas before I would be out of breath after running a few steps."

Wong He says that he has earlier been to Nepal to visit some orphans and he found that their lives have become better now. Also Wong He also visited a monastery in Qinghai on this trip for a few days and when asked whether he had thought about becoming a monk, he said: "There is a possibility, no-one knows what will happen tomorrow." As for Yumiko who has recently been reharsing her new songs and dance routines, revealed her own embarrassing stories, she says that during rehearsals she has to be lifted by one of the dancers so she is covered with bruises.

Also TVB will be holding a show in Beijing in October and guests will include Joey Yung, Sally Yeh, Priscilla Chan and Hacken Lee.


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