Tuesday, September 23, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Michael Tao has recently returned to his mother company TVB and has been filming for new series "Ching Chu Yu Nam" (From Blue Grows Green). It is definitely not the same for Michael upon his return with a large fee and a part of becoming one of the "Thirty six stars" to appear at the the grand opening of Broadcast City with Sir Run Run Shaw on October 12th.

Not only lucky enough to become one of the chosen 36, Michael has also become hot property as the producers fight to offer him series. Although he will be filming "Ching" until November, there are already many producers lining up to offer him scripts in the hope he will agree and use his new image to change the falling ratings trends. At the moment, Michael's manager has three scripts on hand but Michael himself is busy filming at the moment and has not had time to discuss them yet.

When Michael was asked to confirm this, he says he has been too busy filming and has not received notice from his manager yet and in response to him becoming hot property, he feels that this is because he has been away from TVB for so long and the producers feel he would be refreshing, but he thanks all the producers for their care.

At first, Michael had planned to take his wife Ah Bo on holiday after finishing "Ching", but if he has a good script on hand, he will continue working and would rather postpone his trip.

Michael also says: "I have signed for two series with TVB and I don't want to hold onto the contract, but the most important thing is whether the scripts are appealing or not and if the role is suitable for me as well as who the co-stars are because a good show is nothing if there is no chemistry between the artistes."

In fact, Michael does not have very much limitation when it comes to choosing a script apart from ancient dramas. He says: "I will definitely not be filming any ancient dramas so please don't even think about it producers. I have tried everything and my image is not right for ancient drama so I don't want to head down that road again."


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