Friday, September 12, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Michael Tao has been filming for TVB's "Ching Chu Yu Nam" recently and having to work even on Mid Autumn festival and his mother's birthday yesterday, he spent both days in the studio, but he has no complaints because he understands that life as an actor is like that.

Not being able to eat mooncakes, Michael ate ball cakes [in Chinese this means being hit by a ball] instead as he filmed a basketball scene in a Ho Man Tin school with Shirley Yeung and Bobby Au-Yeung. One of the scenes was of Michael being hit by a ball and falling to the ground, and having to lie on the boiling hot floor time after time left Michael dripping with sweat and very worn out.

Afterwards, Michael revealed that in the intense hot weather he has been sweating so much that he has developed a skin condition that he scratches in his sleep and causes more injuries, but he has no time to go and see the doctor. The worst thing is the sweaty smell as even he cannot stand it himself and can only try and cover it with talcum powder and aftershave.

During the basketball, it was found that Michael's left arm could not be straightened and there was a six-inch scare on it. Michael reveals that this was an injury he sustained in his teens when he fell over at hime and his elbow hit a steel plate and some nails. Originally he had intended on having an operation to have it rectified, but Michael found it had little effect on his daily routine and even playing basketball, so he will not be having the operation. He also laughs that you have to fall to grow up, so he doesn't mind at all.

Also, Shirley Yeung had to spend her Mid Autumn in the studio so she could not spend the day with her rumoured boyfriend Gregory Lee and because his mother Sze Ming had said not to buy her any mooncakes, so Shirley did not send any presents.


[Additional from Ta Kung Pao]

Shirley adds that she didn't mind working on Mid Autumn, because she still managed to see the moon and Mars beside it and she found it very pretty. Shirley says that at first, she mistook Mars as a helicopter, but when she found out it was Mars, she was very excited. She also says that she worked very late that day so Gregory did not come and visit her.


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