Monday, September 08, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Margaret Chung and Vinci Wang have been rumoured to be dating, but they made no reservations yesterday as they continued to laugh and joke at a promotional event yesterday as though the press were not there.

Yesterday, Margaret was invited with Chan Chai Ping to a mobile phone promotion where Vinci was the MC. During the event, Vinci openly joked about Margaret's poor Chinese and then played like lovers as he snatched the phone from her hand. When the press asked for them to be photographed together, they agreed without any hesitation. Margaret was given a handset from the sponsors yesterday but she says she will not use it straight away as she explains: "In the past I have been very clumsy and always lost my phones, I have lost three so far and the last one I lost was a limited edition. I was using it in a restaurant and five minutes later it was gone, I was so angry I wanted to hit someone because not everyone has the new style phones so I won't use this new phone just yet."


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