Saturday, September 20, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Kenix Kwok appeared at a promotion for her new series "Juk Sai Ching Jan" (Seed of Hope) yesterday and was quizzed about the truth of whether her good friend Melissa Ng had already been married. Kenix replied smiling: "This is their business, why don't you ask her, anyway I haven't seen her for a while now!"

With the news of Frankie Lam's father going into hospital, Kenix says that she has not had a chance to visit him yet that day because she has been working but she knows that he is in good spirits but still has a fever. Mother Lam has not cried any more and is facing the situation optimistically.

"Seed of Hope" has had some positive reviews and Kenix is happy about this because in her ten years in the business, she can finally make a show that has some meaning to it and although TVB's ratings have been suffering lately, she will not take notice of this because the taste of the viewers is constantly changing and she concentrates more on whether a series can bring out people's morals instead.


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