Tuesday, September 02, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

A group of unsuccessful Miss Hong Kong contestants were invited to TVB's Broadcast City yesterday to discuss contracts and among them was the once favourite Stephanie Wang who indicated that although she was interested in entering the showbiz industry, her father Wang Wai hopes that she will return to Canada and further her studies, so she is in two minds as to whether she will stay in Hong Kong. She says: "Will I enter showbiz? At the moment I am still not sure, because my father and mother don't want me to bear any more harm and they think that studying will help me more with my future, but I am interested in acting and performing, so we will discuss it before I make a decision.


[Ming Pao]

Unsuccessful Miss Hong Kong Stephanie Wang was discussing contracts with TVB yesterday before appearing at Metro Radio for an interview where she revealed she was considering the offer at the moment and she is very satisfied with it and the chances of signing are high. When asked how much time she will put into performance, she says: "It depends, let me try it for a few years, but I want to be happy and work my hardest at everything."

As for reports of her father Wang Wai opposing to her entering showbiz, Stephanie denied this, saying: "My parents haven't especially agreed to it, but haven't opposed it. If I want to stay in Hong Kong, they will support me and I hope to be able to stay." Stephanie says that the innocent will be cleared and disagrees that the negative press will affect her progress.


[Oriental Daily] - additional

When asked about her father Wong Wai's current position, Stephanie says: "He is currently just semi-retired, so he has not completely stopped filming, it all depends on the situation."


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