Thursday, September 04, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Flora Chan and Roger Kwok were at the costume tryout for TVB's new series "Gak Sai Jui Hung" (Spirits of a Previous Life) and in the show, Flora will play a disabled person, spending the majority of her time in a wheelchair, but Flora says that this is no obstacle for her because when she was in third grade, she was knocked over by a car and fractured her pelvis and was in plaster from her chest to her leg, so she spent two months in a wheelchair at the time. Although she recovered fully at the time she still has some after effects with her left leg a little shorter than her right and is more sensitive.

Flora also reveals that her parents will soon be coming to Hong Kong to visit her, arriving in HK for the first time in over ten years. Flora smiles: "My mom really likes Roger, so she can come and visit me on set and see him. (Will you bring your rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan to meet her?) I am not dating him, why do I have to show him to my mom? (You're good friends right?) If that's the case I may as well bring Ada Choi, Nick Cheung and Chiu Sung Kei to meet her as well? However if I have time I will invite them all out for dinner. (Does your mother worry about your love affairs?) She is always telling me to find someone, but says I have an bossy face so it is difficult. These things can't be rushed, so just go with the flow."


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[Ta Kung Pao]

Steven Ma has been busy recently, after returning to Hong Kong from his mainland tour, he has been invited to take part in a DJ contest in Guangzhou as a guest performer and judge. Steven feels he does not have much stage work experience so he felt the pressure in this show. He says: "I had to choose a winner from the 16 contestants but their standard was so high it was quite difficult to choose." However he says that he made a small blunder when he gave the points because he thought that the highest mark was 20, but when he looked at the other judge's scorecards, he found that they were much higher than his before he realised that the top mark was 40. Luckily it made no difference to the result apart from bringing the average mark down.

On stage, Steven performed two songs and received a warm reception from the audience and he wanted to shake hands with some of his enthusiastic fans, but as he stepped forward, he was stopped by the security guards. He says that he had some good news on this trip in that his show "Better Halves" had great ratings in Guangzhou and the sub-theme that he sings "Love held by a string" inspired the local radio station to have a section in a program by the same name that helps bring together men and women on the air. This has been very successful and brought together some couples. Suddenly becoming a modern matchmaker in this way, Steven was very happy indeed.


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