Saturday, September 13, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Dodo Cheng has been representing Unicef visiting some childrens in undeveloped villages that do not have electricity, running water or food as they eat chillis with rice every day. There are few schools and the lack of local education means that the presents that Dodo brought with her such as milk powder and canned foods require explanation before the people know what to do with it.

The most unforgettable thing about her trip was meeting a mother who contracted AIDS after working in a local brothel and with the lack of knowledge, the disease was passed to her daughter. Another twenty-eight year old woman with no knowledge of birth control has ten children and with the scarce food, the children are iodine deficient and have become mentally retarded, always looking so confused and hard to bring up. After seeing all these things, Dodo believes that they need help from outside.

After her visit, Dodo shares her experiences and says that in the future, she will be better to herself. After experiencing the life of the people in these developing places, who cannot seem to change their destiny even with their youth, compared to her own life where she does have the ability to make things better. Dodo says that from now on she will no longer place emphasis on the material life because being spiritually satisfied is more important.

Because Dodo's friends were concerned that she would not be used to the food and water there, one of them, Sandra Ng gave her a "paper toilet". Dodo says: "I didn't use it... (was it okay at the hostel?) Although it was very primitive, where I stayed was okay because the organisers arranged for me to stay in a respectable hotel. (Did you cry during your visit?) No, I had prepared myself beforehand and I managed to control my emotions."


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