Tuesday, September 30, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Dayo Wong has been away from his audience for three years, but will return to TVB in November to work once again with 'War of Genders' producer Tsui Ching Hong for new series "Dung Duk San Tam" (Stand-up Sleuth) in the hope of creating another ratings legend. With the reputation of Dayo's success, there has been fierce competition as to who will partner him in the female lead and after much consideration, this has rested with Dayo's 'old partner' Ada Choi.

Dayo will be using his stand-up talents to solve many mysterious cases, whilst having many arguments with Ada later becoming a couple. Dayo and Ada have worked before in the big screen movie "Yan Gan Sik Seung" so there should be some chemistry between the two in the new production.

Ada is currently filming in Suzhou for ancient drama "Shui Yuet Dung Tin" and in a telephone interview yesterday, admitted that she had discussed filming "Sleuth" but was not aware it had been confirmed. She will finish filming her current series in early October before returning to find out the storyline to "Sleuth" and with regard to working with Dayo again, she is interested and pleased. She feels that working with Dayo in the movie earlier, he is very creating and a very nice person. The two worked together well, discussing any problems and if they can work together again, they should create some sparks. When it was mentioned that this role had caused some competition between the female artistes, Ada was very pleased and said: "Really? That serious? That means I am very special, winning without having to do much!"

Because "Sleuth" will be a comedy and although she is faced with comedic legend Dayo, Ada is not worried: "I have plenty of comedic talent because I am a very happy and optimistic girl and I am usually very happy especially when I am enjoying myself with my friends."


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