Saturday, September 13, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Charmaine Sheh will be filming in Beijing in December for new show "Gam Chi Yuk Yip" (Palatial Sins) and co-star Moses Chan will be filming underwater at this time. Charmaine does not know whether she will also have to film this scene because she is very afraid of the cold and laughs that to have to enter water in such cold temperatures will definitely freeze her to death.

At the moment, Charmaine is working hard with her slimming to prepare herself for the many layers of clothing she will be wearing so that she doesn't look plump. She remembers one winter when she was filming with Benny Chan in Shanghai for "Qian Long Huang Xia Jiang Nan" and every day she had to stick on over ten warm packs before she could start work but she was still so cold that she couldn't speak her lines.

"Qian" is currently enjoying very good ratings in China and Charmaine says she does not mind pairing up with rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan again to make another show as long as the script and terms are attractive. The success of this show means that her work on the Mainland will be plentiful and Charmaine says that in order to pay off her apartment, she will have to keep working externally for more money.

However Charmaine wishes most to have another apartment so that her mother can stay there when she comes over from America because her mum is currently looking after her student brother in the US and as her brother grows up, she would really like her mother to come back to look after her whilst working day and night, so she is working hard to reach this target.

Charmaine says that in the past she once thought that she would be married at 27 and have children before she is 30. As she is 28 now, her marriage dream has been shattered, but she insists she will have children and even have many kids, so she can make a football team before she is happy because she really does love children.


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