Friday, September 12, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Charmaine Sheh and rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan's cooperation series "Qian Long Huang Xia Jiang Nan" (Emperor Qianlong's Southern Tours) is currently being aired on Hunan TV and is very popular making Charmaine's popularity in the mainland soar. A Japanese skincare product company has been captured by her image and her fame in China and offered her a seven-figure sum to be their spokesperson. Having bought a new home recently, Charmaine needs to work hard to make her money and she laughs that the sponsors are very kind to her as they have no special requests and she can very easily earn her fee.

As well as this, the firm would like her to go and shoot on location in Japan, but Charmaine is currently busy filming her series and cannot spare the time. However the company is really looking after her as they accomodate her and change to film in Hong Kong. However as the saying goes 'The rich attract the storms when they go out' and because she only had a few days free in her schedule, she still had to work even though it was a typhoon 8 warning to complete her shoot.


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