Thursday, September 25, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Charmaine Sheh and Gigi Lai were filming for TVB's "Gum Chi Yuk Yip" (Palatial Sins) yesterday for a scene where travelling to the capital to enter the concubine pageant, Gigi is attacked and ends up being dragged along the ground by the cart, but is rescued by Charmaine.

Known for her beauty and figure, Gigi was well prepared and padded for the battering that the scene would do to her body, but the stones and grass that was stirred up by the dragging along the ground was more of a worry to her.

Yesterday afternoon as the sun shone brightly, Gigi started filming this scene after lunch and it lasted three hours, being dragged over ten metres each time. Luckily the crew looked after her well, making sure her chest was well padded beforehand and adding a wooden plank between her and the ground. Gigi seemed quite comfortable during filming, but she was very worried about teh stones and grass that was thrown up by the cart injuring her face. She laughs: "I have insured my face for a lot of money, after all female artistes depend on this for a living! As well as this I have also brought some mosquito repellant because after lying on the grass all day and then into the night, all the bites will make me itch and not look pretty."

Charmaine was not the one being dragged in the show, but she often had to bend over and pull Gigi and this was quite a tiring action, despite this Charmaine did not seem to sweat much under the hot sun and keeping her appearance intact. She laughs: "A few years ago when I was filming for 'Suet San Fei Wu' (Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain) it was the middle of summer and I was wearing a thick costume being roasted for six months, so in time I have learned to withstand it. Maybe all my pores have become blocked, but after this I don't sweat very much so if you see me sweating then it must be a really hot day!"


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