Thursday, September 11, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

After celebrating his girlfriend Anita Yuen's birthday with her on 4th September, Julian Cheung flew straight to the UK together with a load of mooncakes to celebrate the Mid Autumn festival with local fans. With the rare occasion of Julian visting there was a small frenzy with his fans and as well as following him to have photos taken, many young girls offered him their hugs as well. He laughs: "This was my first trip to the UK and I couldn't believe how warm the fans are there, I gave them a lot of mooncakes and I hope that everyone will have a happy moon festival."

Although he only stayed for two days in the UK, Julian still managed to take in the sights. He says: "I did the tour in the fastest time, visiting Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Having been there and taken a photo counts as having visited because as soon as I had been there, I had to return to Hong Kong. (Are you rushing back to spend Mid-Autumn with Anita?) No, I need to start work on filming "ICAC", but I have heard that this years moon will be the roundest in two hundred years, so I will go with a big group of friends to watch the moon and of course my girlfriend will be a part of it."


Em: WAAH!! Chi Lam in the UK - shame that he only visited London... no-one ever comes up North!!! Boo...

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