Sunday, September 07, 2003

Nancy Sit has always loved to help people and recently there have been reports that she has been swindled by three men and one magazine has received tip offs that Nancy owes over $600,000 in debt. Nancy feels she needs to clarify the situation and explains that at first she sympathised with the three young men and helped them to start their business, she emphasises that the magazine is not hers and that she knows nothing about the debt that this company owes.

Nancy indicates that at the beginning of the year, a friend introduced her to three men who had been unemployed for nearly a year and although she did not pay them any money, Nancy offered to help by offering her "Ka Yin Ma Ma" name for hem to create a magazine, that appeared on the market in March of this year. However Nancy later found that the three men were too impatient to reap rewards and made a mess of the company and even the cheque made to "Fai Man Beat" for their services as MC at a promotion bounced twice and some of their staff were not paid. The owners could not produce any accounts for her to inspect and finally when she chased them, the answer she received was that the company was for sale and recently she has been unable to contact them.

Nancy says: "The Ka Yin Ma Ma trademark belongs to me, so they cannot sell this, so in May I have already sent a solicitors letter to them to take back the copyright so after three editions, the magazine will no longer be able to use my name." Although Nancy has not lost any money on this venture, her name has been used and some staff only carried on working because they thought she was the boss. In the end she had to pay for her own lawyers to sort this out and she has learned her lesson that she must be more careful when helping people in the future.

Also, regarding the news of Anita Mui's illness, Nancy feels that in the early stages of cell mutation she shouldn't be too scared and the most important thing is to keep happy and a regular diet, keep off the alcohol and not to work too hard. Also early treatment will aid a full recovery.


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