Saturday, September 06, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Jessica Hsuan was invited to a promotional event for some Shenzhen real estate and as well as posing for photos on a bed, she also cut a giant mooncake as part of the festivities, pulling quite a crowd.

Jessica looked around the show apartment and showed that she likes it a lot and the reporters asked the boss whether she would offer one to Jessica as a gift, she responded that as long as Jessica likes it that is not a problem. However Jessica knew what to do and said that her priority is for them to sell well, as for presents this can be discussed later as she is already getting paid for this.

Not needing to work on Mid Autumn Festival, Jessica was asked whether she would be spending it with her "Gallen Lookalike", to which she responded curtly that he was just her old friend whom she has known for nearly 20 years and she is not dating him. Does she wish for someone to share her moon festival with? She says that it's all up to destiny and it can't be rushed, but she hopes that the heavens will send her 'real one' soon. She admits she has thought about getting married and her next target will be to find someone to share the rest of her life with. However modern couples do not see marriage as forever, so she must be careful who she chooses to share her forever with.


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