Monday, September 01, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Hailing from the Miss Hong Kong contest, Maggie Cheung not only has a beautiful face and a great acting talent, she has also gained notoriety lately after successfully slimming as she sits comfortably as TVB's top female lead position. However, she still feels she has had to sacrifice a lot to gain this: "Because of the chaos that filming sends your days and nights into, the biggest sacrifice is rest and this has a certain effect on your health as well as making the quality of your skin very poor and making you look very 'worn out'."

In order to keep herself in the top condition, the vain Maggie will regularly go for facials, she says: "Sometimes my body will become very bloated and puffy and on camera I look like a little pork bun and not very pretty. Plus the added problems of constantly wearing make-up it makes my skin very dry and flaky and no amount of water drinking will help this."

Like many women, Maggie sees slimming as her ultimate dedication as she reveals her secret: "Don't think that my appearance is very skinny, in fact I have a lot of fat but it is in places where you wouldn't normally notice like in my 'bye bye' arms and in some floppy muscles."

However, Maggie's probles have been swept away because with a six-figure sponsorship deal, she has taken on the role of spokesperson for a slimming company and as well as helping her lose the fat, it has also provided her with many other beauty treatments and therapies to make her look good as well as making money at th same time. She is definitely a lady of brains as well as beauty!!


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