Friday, September 26, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Hacken Lee and Miriam Yeung appeared at an RTHK event yesterday in their capacity as ambassadors for the show and also present were some of the executives from each of the media companies. Among them there are reports of TVB's executive Ho Ding Kwan who after the recent ICAC investigations and with the focus on the forthcoming Jade Solid Gold Quarterly Awards, he has changed his business lunches and dinners from a Karaoke bar to the company canteen, but Mr Ho laughs: "I have never been to a Karaoke bar, business should be discussed in the office. I am clear about the production department but I can't speak for the other departments."

Hacken reckons that as a singer, then of course he hopes to gain awards from Jade Solid Gold, but he still has to wait for the notification. He will keep a modest heart and he does not agree that he will not have an award if he does not make an appearance, otherwise every singer will have to stay in Hong Kong whenever there is an awards ceremony. He says that he will go out for dinner with his variety show team colleagues as this is a normal thing, but because this is a sensitive time, he will avoid it. As for Miriam, she says that she has received notice from her record company that she will be appearing at this quarter's award ceremony.


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