Sunday, September 21, 2003

Joyce Tang and Joe Ma were filming yesterday for "Sum Fong Sum Yuk Juk Gor Juk" (Chasing Hearts) in a swimming scene, where the story told of Joyce suspecting that Joe was the murderer of her father but because she was in love with him, she was having some internal conflicts. To teach her swimming Joe pushes her head under the water but this makes her suspect he has ulterior motives.

Before Joyce arrived at the beach, it was very sunny but by the time they were ready to film, the clouds and wind had changed and there was a storm brewing. Joyce laughs: "Originally the script told of a sunny day and it was going to be burning. However it just goes to prove I am an important person because I cause storm wherever I go!" It turns out that Joyce does know how to swim so a swimming scene is no problem for her as she says: "TVB artistes know everything: boxing, swordplay, riding, motorcycling, swimming... if the company needs it then I will know it, but I don't have licences for any of them!"

She was wearing a strappy top and shorts yesterday and when asked whether she was pleased with her current figure, she says: "It's OK! If I could lose another 10 lbs, then that would be even better." At the moment she is 105 lb, will Marco worry that she have little flesh left if she loses another 10 lbs? She says: "No! He wants me to be slimmer!"


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