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Here is another quite amusing article I have found .... enjoy!

Article from 3-weekly 06/09/03
Translation by Em (as usual)

TVB's Beckham Roger Kwok

After 17 years hard work, Roger Kwok shot to fame with 'Ah Wong' in "Square Pegs" maintaining an average rating of 37 points for the show and creating a record high for TVB, taking over the top spot from Gallen Lo and with 'Nardo' his new show "Not Just A Pretty Face" the response has not been bad.

With the departure of Gallen Lo from TVB and the return of Michael Tao, the TVB leading male ranks have undergone a reshuffle much like the Spanish soccer giants Real Madrid has done since the addition of soccer superstar David Beckham. With a new arrangement of players, Real Madrid has become a team of six aces, that is Zidane, Ronaldo. Figo, Louis, Carlos and Beckham. TVB also has its six aces (top male leads) in the form of Roger Kwok, Michael Tao, Bobby Au-Yeung, Bowie Lam, Steven Ma and Moses Chan.

Asking 'number 1' Roger Kwok to compare the TVB's six aces with Real's six aces, he claims to be the megastar Beckham! So what explanation does he have for this? Let's 'Go! Go! Go!' and find out.
As the top dog of TVB, why has he only suggested that he is the fourth most valuable player Beckham? He replies first with a question: "Can I say the opposite?" He says he is not handsome enough... he is so modest! Besides being good looking, there are other similarities between him and Beckham.

Roger Kwok = Much Adored Beckham

I feel that Beckham is a man who knows how to grasp his opportunities with his outstanding deadshots being the result of many day's training and not gained from one day. He is also very faithful and although he has been sold by his team, he still did not want to leave; he is devoted in love and a good father. He is modest and although he knows he is a sensation above the other players, he knows his worth and thus takes a reasonable fourth highest salary. He is introverted and despite having many fans, including the 1.2 billion in China, he will still not promote himself as he has his strong ethics.

Does this mean that in the salary rankings at TVB, you are not the top one?

Rankings cannot be ranked in terms of money, Beckham did not transfer for the money, he knows that Real is the strongest team in the world and if he didn't go, this would be his greatest regret in his footballing career. Actors are the same, it is not suitable to rank them in terms of money the most important thing is performance, you are in first place, but the fact that "Square Pegs" won then does not mean that "Pretty Face" will win now, but I will not let this cloud myself.

Are you adored by millions?

My biggest difference with Beckham is that his is adored by millions. I believe that if you asked him, he would reply with the same modest answer, but on the pitch if you asked him if he was a good player, he would say that he was, just like if you asked me if I was a good actor, I would be brave enough to say that I am a professional actor and any work that is given to me I will give my best performance to the audience to watch, in this respect, I am not modest because even if you said you are the best, you still have to convince people to believe you.

You admire Beckham for his devotion, are you going to follow in his footsteps and get married and have kids soon?

Sooner or later is not a problem, the most important thing is to be devoted. Have I made my choice? What does that mean? Stable and safe. I will not envy him for having a complete and beautiful family, what he has to satisfy him, I also have because my satisfaction is a stable family life, without so many worries so that I can put my whole into my career progression and at this point, my situation is the same.

After many people become famous, they have many opportunities elsewhere, will you be working with TVB for a while?

Last year was the first time I signed with TVB as a management contract and this is the first time we have totally co-operated and therefore has become the most perfect year since I entered the industry. This is because my managers in the past may not have had the total understanding of TVB's administration so there were some problems in co-ordinating work but now it is different and things can be worked in many ways so I don't need to worry and when I find out about my work, everything has been organised so for the time being I have not thought about leaving TVB.

Michael Tao = Spirit of Midfield Zidane

Zidane is a player who can improvise and move into the right places and he exists to keep the spirits up in the armies as he is steadfast and calm, but sometimes he will lose his temper, for example: Barcelona vs Real, when the Barcelona players were pushing hard, he lost his temper and wanted to have a fight but you could see that he just wanted the best for the team and had high expectations. Michael like Zidane also has very high expectations and in bringing his co-stars into the scene, he is like the key man in the team taking on a key role in the show, he shows his experience like a big brother. Although there will be a certain pressure on his first show upon his return, his experience will help him to not allow this pressure to affect his work and with his great talent for playing professional figures, he will do well.

Bobby Au Yeung = Happy Man Carlos

Bobby is a well rounded actor and like Carlos, he can play in any position. He knows how to grasp the opportunities and is full of vitality, a player who reacts well to any situation. Among the six main actors, I have worked with him the most, including "Tin Gong Choi San" (Money Just Can't Buy) and "Gam Yuk Moon Tong" (Happily Ever After) and he is the active type of artiste as he injects his liveliness into every show and no matter whether the scene includes him or not, if he finds that his co-star isn't acting too well, he will take the chance to move in. Take for instance when we were filming "Gam Yuk Moon Tong", my character was rather introverted and his was rather outgoing and explosive, in some scenes I played it rather dully and he was afraid that this would be boring for the viewers so he would appear from no-where at suitable times. Working with him was a battle of wits because you had to judge yourself in order to stimulate the other, so working with him was quite hard work, rather like fighting with a master.

Bowie Lam = Intelligent Type Figo

I really admire each of Bowie's different characters that he puts his heart into playing and every time he will bring out the best in it. Take his recent hosting of the travel specials, not only was he totally absorbed, even if he could not communicate by language, he could still perform with such expression and modesty that he made the other person feel at ease. He is a very emotionally stable person, able to control his EQ [Emotional Quotient] very well and this is very similar to Figo as they are both the intelligent type, the focus of a show can be easily placed upon him.

Steven Ma = Scapegoat Raul

As well as filming series, Steven has many different talents so he has more opportunities than most other artistes in the same way that if Raul takes hold of his opportunies then he will not need to work so hard to see results. However, there is still not one role that has made him stand out as most of them have been very upright reserved characters. I believe that given the right opportunities, he will be able to show his talents like Raul and score his goal from an outstanding angle.

Moses Chan = Explosive Power Ronaldo

In his hardworking stage is Moses Chan and like Ronaldo, he is at the point where he is ready to make leaps, and he is a very lovable actor like the lovable Ronaldo he is easily liked and accepted by the audience. No matter if he plays a good or bad guy, he is very confident but knows that he is still fresh so he will not let go of any opportunities and will use his heart to perform. Although he is a foreigner, he is not afraid of working hard and learning as he goes along and he has a very strong potential.

Actually before he entered television, Moses and I had already worked together before and the thing I most admire is that after he has succeeded, he has not changed and is still pretty much the same as he was then. Even though he has been dubbed as the next generation of lady killer, he is still very modest. His greatest strength is his power to break into the home and he needs to develop the power he puts into his acting. When I saw him in "Juet Sai Ho Ba" (The Family Man), acting in a comedy for the first time, he was a little exaggerated and it probably was not too suitable for this type of lifestyle show, he needs to take note of this, but he did a great job in his role of the emperor in "Dai Nui Fa" (Perish in the Name of Love).

Stupid turns Nasty

Which TVB ace do you most want to work with?

I would like to work with Moses Chan again to see what sparks we can create. We had a good experience working together before because he is a very direct person and we can talk bluntly about our work and not worry about bearing grudges.

Recently, it can be heard on the streets all the time: "You save it!" and "Go! Go! Go!", especially coming from little kids who say it so effortlessly, proving that no matter if Roger is playing Ah Wong or Nasty Nardo he is still as well accepted?

If I hadn't played Ah Wong, I would probably be more worried, afraid that the viewers may not accept it, but in fact Nardo is a very three-dimensional role and he learns his lesson in the end that the bad guy never wins so there shouldn't be too much of an effect and the viewers should be able to accept him quite easily.

Never ending soap bubbles

Before the interview, Roger had already been informed that he had to compare the six aces from Real Madrid with TVB's six leading roles so he had prepared himself when the day came, totally au fait with the info on the six aces. When he was asked to strike some poses for the pictures, he immediately became posessed by Nardo and put on his nasty face, showing his total professionalism.

Then when taking the bubble gun for the photo shoot, the gun had lost control when the reporter tried it out and the non-stop gun was testing their patience. When it was Roger's turn to use the gun in the shoot, although he kept failing, he still kept trying it patiently just like the seventeen years in which he has tried time and time again, he finally found success and the shoot went ahead.

To find fame in showbusiness, some people think it is like soap bubbles, you cannot hold it in your hands. The bubbles will burst at any time, if you are lucky they will follow you all your life, but you must have the belief in your hard work and constantly keep changing. Just like the Legend of Ah Wong, success will keep on coming and Nardo is just as great.


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