Thursday, September 11, 2003


Jerry Lamb (Ah Lo) and Lily Hong's miracle of love was born yesterday (11th September), making Jerry a proud father, naming his son "Lam Bo". With Lam Bo being born on the Chinese Mid Autumn festival (15th day of 8th month), the boss of the Kee Wah bakery laughed that he can get rid of Eric Tsang and invite Jerry and his son to be their spokespersons.

Lam Bo was born at 2:28pm and weighed 6 lb 15 oz. Jerry was by his wife's side in the labour room together with a video and sound recorder to film the important time when his son was born. Jerry says excitedly: "I watched them operate and watched him being born and I saw that his head was very big. At first, I thought his skin tone was quite dark, maybe because he wasn't warm enough. I found that a baby's crying sound is so beautiful and it seems like he is talking to me when he cries." With revealing the birth details of the baby, is he worried that they will be used to tell his fortune? Jerry says he is not worried because he will not believe these things and the time of the baby's birth wasn't selected in any way apart from the doctor's schedules for the operation. Lily was operated under local anaesthetic and Jerry mentions that his wife couldn't feel anything during the operation but was in some pain afterwards. Jerry says: "Besides the pain, she feels that her belly is rather empty after the birth."

As for his son being born on Mid-Autumn, Jerry laughs that he had met with the boss of the Kee Wah Bakery and when they found out that his son was to be born on Mid Autumn festival, they laughed that they could get rid of Eric Tsang and invite them to be the new generation of spokesperson. With such a great present to his father as he is born, it would appear that the baby is a lucky star. Jerry says: "I hope he is too!" Jerry has received many presents from his friends and family such as toys and clothes. The baby clothes at home are enough for the baby to go for two months without washing clothes, so he asks his friends not to give any more presents and give them cash instead! Also, a bunch of Jerry's good friends such as Ekin Cheng, Stephanie Che, Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi and Joey Yung are all fighting to be the baby's godparents. Jerry says: "I'll make a fortune! Everyone is fighting to offer gifts, it looks like when we have a birthday party, we will have to go to the racecourse for it!" With his newborn son, Jerry has already prepared his future extracurricular activities as he laughs: "My son can learn to play the piano like his mother, he can learn to dance with Jordan (Chan), he can learn to surf with Wong Hap Hei, learn to drive a speedboat with Ekin, learn to chat up girls like Eric - so many people to teach him!"


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