Tuesday, September 16, 2003

[Combined report from Ta Kung Pao, Ming Pao and Sing Pao]

Bobby Au Yeung, Kenix Kwok, Michael Tao and a group of young newcomers including Chiu Chung Yu and Chow Wing Hang appeared yesterday at the blessing ceremony at new show "Ching Chu Yu Nam" (From Blue Grows Green). Among them, Bobby mentioned that having worked with a group of youngsters, it has made him feel very young at heart and so he is happy and praises their intelligence and professionalism. Bobby says: "Maybe they have come from a singing background, so they are very good at remembering lines, and rarely NG. (Have you taught them how to act?) Not really teaching, but I have told them of some of my experiences, so they have gained something from me this time."

In response to the recent news where the young cast of "Sei Yip Cho" (Heart of Fencing) were scolded by Leung Si Ho, Bobby says that you cannot scold newcomers, you have to tease them, but those who worked with him this time were very punctual and performed very professionally. He says: "If they are late, I will say: 'You will know how it feels next time when I am later than you!'. They are quite playful, but they are very professional when it comes to filming."

Michael's earlier series "Ling Yi Jing Chap Dong On" (Supernatural Detective Files) for Cable TV has been popular on the opposition channel, but because Michael has now signed for TVB, he is not able to return to film the second series. However Cable have offered Felix Wong a seven-figure sum to join with the next series. Michael says: "I need to congratulate him, but I will not feel disappointed at the loss of a seven-figure sum. One person cannot do all the work and I will not regret my decision to return to TVB and I am pleased that a good show can make it to the second series."

Michael reveals that he has found filming "Ching Chu Yu Nam" very hard work because he often has to film outside in the playground. He hopes that after finishing the filming he can go out on a holiday with his wife and bring his healthy complexion back. Having been quite ill recently, this has not affected his attendance at work as he says: "I am controlling it with medicine, but I really envy these young people because it seems that they are never tired out."

During the shoot yesterday, when he was having his photo taken with Kenix and Michael, Bobby dragged Chow Wing Hang into the picture and he was asked whether he particularly favoured him. Bobby replied: "This is just how we got on. In the show, I pursue Kenix's affections but she is his stepmother and he does not like me. As a result we have a lot of scenes together and got to know each other quite well. (So which newcomer was the most well behaved?) Michael! This is his first show after coming back to TVB so he can be classed as a newcomer!"

As for Kenix, she praises the young actors for their behaviour and good manners, saying that they were never late and it was the older artistes like herself who would turn up late, but not by too much, maximum 15 minutes.


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