Thursday, September 11, 2003

Combined article from The Sun, Oriental Daily and Ta Kung Pao

With the Mid Autumn festival, TVB's new show "Gam Chi Yuk Yip" (Palatial Sins) was filming its first day of studio shoots and holding its blessing ceremony, so there was some disappointments among the cast and crew who were unable to spend the festival with their family. Among them Gigi Lai says that her family have escaped from her forcing them to eat vegetarian meal because she is working. Gigi explains that she eats vegetarian food on the first and fifteenth of each lunar month as this helps her feel healthier, so she hopes that her family will try this as well but every time her brother doesn't eat meat, he will be weak and has to eat another meal to be satisfied, so he doesn't like eating vegetarian food and will only do it for her occasionally.

Others who had to work included Maggie Cheung, Charmaine Sheh and Sheren Tang, but there were few complaints as they created their own celebrations in the studio as Charmaine donated the fruit basket and mooncakes and others made a salad.

Charmaine says that she had already had dinner earlier with her granny and brother and with so many people at the studio, they are having a good time for the festival. Maggie was a little disappointed because this year her sister is in Hong Kong, but she was unable to spend the festival with all her family.

With the recent news of Anita Mui's illness, the topic of conversation was moved to health as Maggie, Charmaine and Gigi all expressed their insights into their healthcare regimes, among reports of a sudden significant rise in women who are rushing to have body checks done.

Maggie reveals she has never had a women's health check as she says: "I once went with Elaine Ng to do an antenatal check and I was so scared I was shaking and anyway I can feel it if my body is not quite right so I will be extra careful if my periods are irregular." However, she feels that with so many cells in the body, it would be difficult to detect if one or two mutated so she is considering going for a health check.

Charmaine says that she goes for annual checks with a female doctor but she still feels a little embarrassed. She is most afraid of going to the dentist, especially when she hears the sound of the drill. She says: "I get cavities very easily and each time they will use the drill, so I always have to have my walkman on to drown the sounds and then afterwards I have to go eating, drinking and shopping." Charmaine believes that one's health is precious so she warns girls not to drink too many cold drinks because this is bad for the womb. Charmaine reveals that she would like to have children in the future so she has to keep her body healthy.

Although Gigi is terrified of seeing the doctor and injections because she feels embarrassed, she still goes for a body check once a year because she feels that there are too many chemicals in modern food and drink and a regular body check is necessary. However she feels that life and death cannot be avoided, as long as you are healthy and do exercise, then you can prevent many illnesses.


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