Monday, September 29, 2003

After being away from TVB for six years, Patrick Tam has filmed two series in a row after returning to his mother home "Juk Sai Ching Jan" (Seed of Hope) and "Mo Ming Tin See 3D" (Nameless Angels 3D), taking the lead male role in both shows and receiving praise from Tsang Lai Chun for his performance. Recently TVB has aired "Seed of Hope" and we can once again enjoy his great acting. With the airing of his show raising his profile in Hong Kong once more, it is little wonder that he says TVB is treating him well.

In fact, TVB wants Patrick to continue making series, but after discussion with his manager, he hopes for a break to finish some movie and other series work he has elsewhere. The most important thing is that he needs to prepare for an extremely romantic wedding at the end of the year. Come next year he will give his all once more for TVB as he reveals that he may film a 30 episode series in January.

Patrick admits that after leaving TVB, he has been working silently away and seems to have sunken somewhat and signing again with TVB was in the hope of raising his chances of appearing in Hong Kong. He says: "In the past I have spent much time breaking into the mainland market, but I have not wasted the efforts or the time, looking a little wider in the world and seeing the large market in China and the high quality of their filming." As for the suggestion he is not doing well enough elsewhere and has to return, Patrick strongly denies this, saying: "This is definitely not the case, if I wasn't up to it, Chun Jer would not have me as the lead role! Returning to TVB was just a stroke of chance because I rejected them in the past, but this time they were very sincere. My return is to establish myself in the China, Hong Kong and Taiwanese markets."

Although Patrick hailed from the 'New Talent Singing Contest', his singing career has never taken off and in 1992, he started his acting career, climbing to lead star status after five years when he saw his chance and headed off to try his luck in other places. Patrick has some huge reflections after 14 years in the business and he says: "If the Patrick Tam of today has still not been able to get to lead status, then I really should be saying bye bye. I have to thank three people: the first is Helen, the second is Leung Choi Yuen and the third is Chun Jer. In those days, when I didn't have a chance to sing, I was introduced into acting by Helen. Although the wage at the time was only $4000 and I had to save up to buy an item of clothing, I worked hard at it and took advantage of this opportunity and finally I managed to get past it."

The second person he thanks is Leung Choi Yuen, in 1993 Choi Suk invited him to make his first ancient drama as the lead in "Lai Bo Yee". The third person mentioned is Chun Jer (Tsang Lai Chun) as Patrick says: "Before when 'Chung Wang Sei Hoi' was airing on ATV, Chun Jer asked me to return to TVB, but because I wanted to try different series at the time, it has had to wait until now. I thank Chun Jer for not blacklisting me and offering me a positive role to try as soon as I come back, the greatest thing is that I am stuck in the stereotype of being a bad guy." Having returned to TVB, Patrick hopes to reach another peak in his career.

34-year old Patrick is starting to find success in his career and it is also the time for him to start his family. He has been dating girlfriend Fiona for three years and have decided to get married this Christmas in Las Vegas before heading to Canada to go skiing for their honeymoon. Because the couple like their romance, they will have their ceremony in a church with their best friends and their families to witness this, in a heartwarming but simple ceremony. Patrick thinks of his wedding as a film plot with a sunshiny day but cool enough to be comfortable, him and Fiona sitting in a limousine.... so romantic!

Patrick's Piscean character loves romance and is especially inspirational and this helps with his filming. He says: "My girlfriend likes me for my romantic touch and also hates me for being too romantic because sometimes I will start dreaming when I am driving. I care about the big things, but not so much about the little things. Luckily my girlfriend and I both love to eat and have a common hobby in this, no matter eating fish ball noodles or trying a steak at the Peak or Repulse Bay, eating is the ultimate luxury, if you want to eat it, eat it."

Patrick has fallen in love with playing golf and because of the venue, as it gives him a feeling of opening spirit in his heart. He learned to play over a year ago and although he has been busy recently with filming and not had time to practice, on the day of the shoot he still had the moves as he loves the sport so much then of course it will be easy to pick up again! He says: "Actually I don't have too much time to practice so I am still a beginner, however as you can play this sport alone and don't have to wait for anyone, it is ideal for people in this industry with unstable timetables. Playing golf is all about the whole stance coming together before you can fully control the ball."

Patrick admits he is a 'half-professional' but he has potential as he immediately demonstrates the five steps of playing golf: (1) Focus your thoughts, (2) Find your target, (3) Test your run of actions, (4) Lock your position, (5) Swing with confidence. Seeing the ball travel far and straight, he does not seem like a beginner. If he didn't say you wouldn't know that playing golf involves using many different clubs for starting, long and short distances, hitting from low to high and so on.... there are cheap and expensive clubs and even just kit, there is a big bagful. This sport has become very popular in recent years.


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