Sunday, August 17, 2003

TVB's sitcom "Gai Dai Foon Hei" (Virtues of Harmony) can be described as the most profitable serial as since the relaxation of the regulations on broadcasting advertisements, product placement has been allowed within drama productions and in "Virtues" there have been all sorts of products advertised, such as cola, tissues, mobile phones and menthol ointments. For only one appearance on screen, TVB receives its royalties so no wonder this show has been reckoned as a golden-egg-laying goose and has been extended by a further 100 episodes.

However this incident has led to the arguments within the cast and crew of the show to increase and some headaches for TVB. Reports are that Nancy Sit's sponsorship company for mooncakes has entered into the endorsement ranks and originally Kingdom Yuen, Bondy Chiu and Michael Tse were required to eat these cakes in a scene, however the three refused to do this.

This was soon brought to the attention to TVB's production chief Catherine Tsang Lai Chun and she immediately called a meeting where she reprimanded the three in question and instructed them to go and refilm the scene with the required elements. And with rumours that Nancy Sit has not been getting on with the three, there were sightings of an argument between Kingdom and Nancy in the studio earlier and this was what may have caused the problem. When producer Tsui Yu On was called to ascertain the truth in this, he said on the phone: "You seem to be clear about it already, you don't need me to say anything. Why did it happen? I will investigate this."

As one of those who refused, Kingdom Yuen explained: "At the time, I was in negotiations with another mooncake supplier for advertisements and was afraid of conflict so I wanted to be careful. The company was understanding and didn't force me, but later the ad fell through so we refilmed it. What do you mean disharmony? We are all getting on fine."

As for Nancy Sit, she says that she did not have any part in this scene so she is not clear about it. As for whether this was down to their arguments, Nancy says: "I don't think so. There is no problem now, everyone loves mooncakes, so I don't think that is the case."


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