Wednesday, August 13, 2003

TVB's leading female Flora Chan has had very little negative press since during her time in showbiz, but yesterday she was served with a court case chasing debt of over HK$410,000. Flora indicates that the matter is in the hands of her lawyers and she will not be commenting on this.

With Flora's recent purchase of a new home in the Happy Valley area, it appeared that all was going well for her, however she was served a writ yesterday from her former landlord from her previous home in Kennedy Road, Mid-levels who claims that she has breached their contract and not only owes them $70,000 in rent, but because she moved out part way through the contract, she is also being sued for damages of £340,000, so the total being disputed is $410,000.

The case lodged with the courts details that Flora moved into the apartment in question in February and signed a contract on 3rd April to rent the property and the parking space for two years with rent at $17500 per month and the contract terminating in February 2005. However the landlord claims that she refused to pay rent and other fees in March and then on 10th May suddenly moved out without notifying the landlord who then repossessed the property last month to minimise their losses and saw this as a breach of contract on Flora's part.

When Flora was contacted about the case, she said: "I only know about this after some reporters called me, but it is in the hands of my lawyers now, so I can't talk about it. I don't feel I have done anything wrong. (Do you still rent the apartment?) I can't say, but everyone knows where I live now, anyway all the documents are in the hands of my lawyer." As for the the details of the tenancy agreement, she also says she cannot reveal this.


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