Monday, August 04, 2003

Taking on the role of spokesperson for some breast enhancing pills, Natalie Wong appeared at a promotional event wearing a low cut dress showing off her breasts that have grown from a 32B to a 34C. She has had many media asking her for a sexy photoshoot, but she has refused them all saying that this dress is her extreme, but the odd appearance will impress people more. Natalie says she is pleased with the results, but girls are greedy when it comes to beauty and she hopes her figure will keep getting better and she will continue slimming to reach her perfection.

After her enhancement, has she had more pursuers? When her love life was mentioned, Natalie immediately frowned: "No comment, I don't talk about love affairs, I have old and young, men, women and children pursuing me, when I am in the street, everyone says they like me so to me they are all my admirers."


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