Wednesday, August 13, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]
Steven Ma continues his promotional tour for his new album "Romantic Vacation" in China, having visited Zhuhai and proceeding to Beijing, Tianjun and Xian.

Wherever Steven goes he is well accepted by his fans because his TV series "Luk Ding Gei" (Duke of Mount Deer) and "Gung See Luen Si Dor" (In the Realm of Success) have been very popular on the mainland gaining him many fans.

In Tianjun, Steven met with over a thousand fans and the event was very lively. As he performed there were constant gifts of flowers and kisses and he had a special visit from two members of the National Volleyball Champions Team - Lu Chao and Yang Jie, who came along to show their support. In Tianjun's Balitai Audio-Visual store, there were queues for three hours before his appearance and those who couldn't enter pretended to be press or workers to try and get in. Some fans were very emotional and there was some chaos at one point with Steven needing to be escorted out by security.

As well as meeting with his fans, Steven was also interviewed by the local press. He mentioned that in Hong Kong, the nickname the fans give him is "Ma Jai", but on the mainland, he is referred to as "Wai Gor" [Viagra] and Steven can only look on helplessly as the fans and even the interviewers call out to him as "Wai Gor".


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