Friday, August 29, 2003

[The Sun]

Wowing everyone with her 34D figure, Stephanie Wang has attracted many movie makers' attentions despite losing out on this year's Miss Hong Kong contest. She hopes that her first time can be given to sexy goddess specialist, Wong Jing as she sets Athena Chu as her target. Since the contest, Stephanie's breasts have been the focus of the media and have become her strongest weapon for breaking into showbiz. She reveals that after losing out in the finals of Miss HK, she had already had calls from movie companies: "Actually there have been many people calling me these few days and asking me how much money I would like, some friends tell me that it is even better to not have won because the scope for development is even bigger."

Stephanie has treasured every moment she has had on the stage but understands that to move up, you need someone to support you. She says that of all the directors, the one she most admires is Wong Jing, especially as he single handedly raised Chingmy Yau to the rank of sex goddess: "I have watched many of Wong Jing's films and I feel he is very successful in promoting many female stars, as well as Chingmy, he has made Suki Kwan a star and recently has been working with my idol, Athena Chu." It turns out that Stephanie sees Athena as her personal goal as she says with determination: "People say that people with large breasts have no brain, even in today's world and it is so naive. I am an intelligent woman and just to have a good figure in this industry is not enough."


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