Friday, August 29, 2003

[The Sun]

With the selection of the new batch of Miss Hong Kongs, last year's winners Tiffany Lam and Victoria Jolly have decided not to renew their contracts with TVB and even Amanda Boll has decided to head back to Australia to continue her studies, saying that with only $7000 a month salary, it is not even enough for her rent and you can no longer become a phoenix after entering the contest! It would appear that this legend of becoming rich and famous is no longer the case and with a new batch of hopefuls on the scene, their predecessors Tiffany, Victoria and Amanda are dampening their spirits by leaving the showbiz industry, unhappy with the $7000 salary that is buying up their youth. Although she has become the Pearl Ambassador, responsible for promoting TVB's English Channel, she has indicated that the measly salary offered by TVB is not enough for her living costs in Hong Kong and she would rather continue her studies in Australia.

Amanda says: "The school contacted me and said that if I don't return and finish my course, I will forfeit my university place. My mum wants me to carry on studying, so after thinking about it, I have decided to go back to Australia as I don't want to waste any more time because having been in Hong Kong for two years, I have wasted a lot of my family's money as just in clothes I have seventeen boxes and can barely afford my rent with my salary! And what about my car! However I have learned many skills on how to handle situations and this cannot be learned in school." After leaving Hong Kong, Amanda will miss all her good friends the most, she says: "We are all such good friends, Tiffany is off to America, Victoria will be going back to the UK and with the others still in Hong Kong, I will be very unhappy." Also when Victoria and Amanda hand over their Pearl Ambassador roles in October, TVB will be seeking their successor not only from this year's Miss Hong Kong but may also open it out to newcomers from the public.


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