Saturday, August 30, 2003

[The Sun]

As President of the Wai Yin Society, Anne Heung headed a group of members selling mooncakes yesterday for charity and among those helping out were Tiffany Lam, Choi Kit Man and from this year's Miss HK contest Selena Lee and Carrie Lee. With the mooncakes on sale with 10% off, there was soon a crowd around them among them, one man bought a box for $15840, making Anne very happy.

Anne revealed that she doesn't have to work for Mid Autumn Festival this year: "I have two weeks vacation so I will be taking a seven day cruise back to Canada for a holiday." In response to Tiffany's decision to leave showbiz, Anne says it is a great shame, but adds: "She is a great help, like this event she came along especially and I had originally wanted to ask her to join the society, but I will respect her decision because if I was in her position, I would go and finish my final year of study."

When Tiffany heard Anne's praise, she was very happy and said: "Actually when I entered the contest, I really wanted to join Wai Yin, if there are overseas branches, I will join in and offer my contribution."


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