Friday, August 01, 2003

Stylish guy Alex Fong, nicknamed "Hong Kong's Richard Gere" is the Prince Charming for many a lady. At the age of 40, he is becoming more and more masculine but he refers to himself as a "Boring Egg", saying he is not the romantic type at all. At the same time, he hopes that his girlfriends can be very accommodating and never say no to him.

Alex and former Miss Hong Kong Mok Ho Yan have been dating for eight years and even he would never have thought their relationship could still be maintained up to now, to use the old cliche, it was a match made in heaven. He says: "It's a matter of experiences, when I decided to settle down, I met her and when we are together the most important thing is to be happy and get on with each other. Do you think I am still young? Having a different girl every day is left to the young ones, you can't expect me to still go chasing girls at my age! To be honest, I don't have the energy to deal with so many girlfriends, I'd rather spend it on doing exercise to keep fit and healthy instead."

Alex is of the "realistic" type, and together with the practical nature of Mok Ho Yan, they are absolutely made for each other, they don't like fancy details and the best thing is that she doesn't complain about him being boring. He takes a sip of coffee as he says: "I am absolutely not the romantic type of man, no surprises, no worries - totally realistic and I don't create any concerns for my girlfriend." Knowing Alex for so long, I know he is a very regulated person and he will never step over the line or become overly excitable, his rumours are totally minimal, so to be his girlfriend must be a great fortune!

Of course, Ho Yan has plenty of positive points, but her greatest one is she is very accommodating, Alex likes steamboat hot pot, so she will go with him and never say no. Alex asks himself: "What more do I want? Sometimes even my assistant gets bored and asks to go and eat something else, but she will not say a word... when you look for a partner, the most important thing is that you get on, appearances are secondary, but if I was still 20 years old, I would have a different opinion." He goes on to say the reason he likes steamboat is to do with beauty, he explains: "It's not so fatty! Usually I will go eat hotpot or Japanese food and go less to the Western restaurants because eating too much fatty foods is bad for your health."

Do you want to know the criteria in beauty that a stylish man looks for? It turns out to be very simple, says Alex: "The first is easy on the eye, secondly the way she handles people and situations." In his eyes, of course his girlfriend befits these two points, but you would never have imagined that cars and people can be compared in the same way. He uses a car as an example: at the moment he has three cars in his possession, two are Mercedes and an Alfa-Romeo. The car he uses the most is the cheaper Alfa, proving that a cheaper price does not necessarily mean it is not good, cheaper cars have their advantages and in the same way, people cannot be judged simply on their looks or their appearance, you have to agree with the man. When asked why if he gets on so well with Ho Yan, why doesn't he get married? He replies openly: "I just don't have the drive to get married." Don't you want to be a father? He smiles a little before replying: "I don't want to be a father, because this would spoil the fantasies of my fans, I am happy at the moment and some people get married and then still divorce! Like I was affected by my father into loving cars and this makes me a rather big spender, if I have a son like me and I can't give him money I'd be in trouble."

Recently, Ho Yan has successfully slimmed her figure, but his reaction to this is very calm as he says: "I see her every day so it's not much of a surprise, ultimately it is better to be slimmer because you will be heathier, but because of her work, she doesn't have much time to do exercise." Conversely, Alex is very dedicated to his exercise, as soon as he doesn't have to work, he goes down to the gym to work out, every week going five or six times, feeling uncomfortable if he doesn't do it. He laughs: "Sei Gor (Tse Yin) is my target, he is sixty but still so fit, he is so stylish and yet so fit and healthy.

Alex Fong is a lover of cars and has very high expectations of his cars, to the extent of being picky, he will not tolerate his dearest cars having any sign of a scratch. In his heart, is his car or his girlfriend more important? He doesn't reply seriously: "Of course the person is more important! However, girlfriends can be found again, on an economical scale, to find another girlfriend is cheaper than buying a new car."

It would appear that Ho Yan borrowed one of his Mercedes and accidentally damaged it on two occasions, making him very upset, but he wasn't angry with his girlfriend because ultimately, Ho Yan is far more important.


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