Thursday, August 07, 2003

Steven Ma has been promoting his new Mandarin Album "Romantic Holiday" in Zhuhai in China to a crowd of 8000 fans from all around who want to see his performance, creating quite a crazy scene. Among the fans were girls who couldn't stop crying when they saw him from their excitement; however the thing that made Steven the happiest was the appearance of Michael Ku and his wife to support him giving him quite a surprise.

Steven headed out to the mainland on the 4th August on a promotional tour for his first album to be sold in China. The tour will be for 12 days and the first stop was Zhuhai, where he arrived on the 5th and stopped off at the International Plaza for an autograph session. Although it has been raining constantly in Zhuhai for several days, the fans' enthusiasm was not dampened and 8000 of them piled in to wait for him, needing many security officers and metal barriers to keep them at bay.

When Steven appeared, all the fans suddenly screamed out and went wild, non-stop calling his name. When Steven was singing on the stage, there were many dangerous scenes beneath and he was constantly warning his fans to be careful. After singing, he offered autographs to his fans who instantly went to buy his album for him to sign, causing every record in the shopping centre to be snapped up in record time. Maybe because they were too excited in seeing their idol, some fans burst into fits of tears. Finally Steven left after two hours of signing autographs but many fans still lingered afterwards, not wanting to leave.

Later, Steven mentioned he was worried about the weather affecting the event, but luckily it held out. About the fans' response, he said that he never expected such a hearty welcome, making it almost like a mini-concert. He says that to see this kind of response to his promotion is like a major confidence injection. However the happiest thing for him was the appearance of Michael Ku [Em: Michael is a songwriting genius.] and his wife to support him. He said: "Seeing an old friend on the mainland, it was such a surprise!"

Steven says that Michael and his wife came especially to support him, saying he got to know the couple not long after entering the industry and Michael had written a song in his new album called "Forever Promise". Michael says that he is very pleased at Steven's success because he has used ten years hard work to achieve this and he goes on to praise Steven's singing talent, saying he deserves every bit of his current success.


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Steven plays happily with a young fan at the ferry port.

[Apple Daily 05/08/2003]

Steven Ma left yesterday with three big suitcases for Zhuhai to start a twelve day promotional tour of six Chinese cities. Steven said: "This is the first time my Mandarin and Cantonese albums have been distributed in China so I bought five or six sets of clothes, shoes and accessories especially for this tour, using about HK$10,000 which isn't bad. Among them are a pair of trainers that cost about $2000. However I need to change several times a day, so it really is a bit of a pain."

Steven will be going to Shanghai on this trip and he says that he intends to buy some property there: "My outlook on buying property is similar to that of buying clothes, I hope I can find something inexpensive, however it will only be used for holidays together with the time I put on expanding my career in the mainland."


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