Monday, August 11, 2003

Stars from youth drama "Luen Ngoi Ji Yau Sik" (Aqua Heroes) appeared at Tsing Yi City to promote their series, including Edwin Siu, Bobo Chan and Theresa and Stephy from Cookies, playing games with the audience and handing out promotional gifts. Edwin grabbed hold of the model that they used to demonstrate swimming to play with it and caused some laughs from the audience.

Some reports are that Edison Chen has been secretly meeting with Bobo, she insists: "We passed by when we were shopping, he doesn't own the road! (Reports say that you were following each other.) That's what they wrote! I don't know if it was. (Will you be unhappy with these reports?) It's up to them what they write, it won't upset me."

When asked whether she had called out her good friend that day, Bobo explains that recently she has been busy with her album and was working with producer Chan Wun Yan that day and coincidentally passed by after work. The truth is not like that in the report, that says she left not long after meeting up with Edison. As to whether she will call Edison, Bobo says: "I don't need to. (Are you still good friends?) We have always been good friends." As for Edison's plans to open a fashion store, Bobo supports him totally, but says that she is not interested herself in going into business."

Edwin points out that taking part in this series, he got on well with all the actors and created some sparks. As for whether he will continue acting, he says: "I will consider it, because filming series takes a lot of time, but I have reached my target this time. When I went to the mainland to do some work, there were a lot of people caling my English name, but the one from the show. I hope that everyone will continue to support it."


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