Monday, August 11, 2003

So far always meeting people with his handsome looks, Moses Chan has been persuaded recently by the producer of new series "Gam Chi Yuk Yip" (Palatial Sins) to shave his head. At first, Moses was quite worried that the effect wouldn't be good, but luckily, he was quite pleased with his new look as the crew members praised him for looking very manly and smart!

Moses will soon be appearing in the new show that will be filmed in Beijing. At first, the producer let him try a skincap, but the result wasn't very good, so he was persuaded into having all his hair shaved off. Moses was worried that the effect would look bad, but after considering the size of the production and that Andy Lau had also taken the plunge for his new movie, he decided to give it a try.

Moses attended the hairdressers for his first time and asked the stylist Yee Gor to film the process for him, but he was still very nervous and daren't look at the mirror because his fans had created a computer simulation of him with no hair when they heard his decision and this had scared him a little because he felt it looked really ugly.

To try and curb his nerves, the stylist cut his hair off a little at a time and added some shaving cream to his head, making him look like a monk. After an hour, the process was completed and the crew all praised his look, saying he was very manly and handsome. Moses looked pleased with it as he stroked his smooth head and then laughed: "I have never tried going without hair, I must let it get some sunshine!"


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