Sunday, August 17, 2003

[Sing Tao News]

Since her breast enhancement and slimming success, Maggie Cheung has caused a stir in the audience and as well as bringing in the profits for her boss Mariane Chan, she has also attracted a group of followers of her own, so no wonder her return to single life has led to a shopping spree of new clothes and cosmetics!

Maggie was sighted in Admiralty's Pacific Place taking advantage of some spare time between filming to go shopping. Spending time browsing the designer cosmetics counters and clothes shops, Maggie went away with a number of purchases. During her shopping trip, her phone went off a few times and she was seen to be very confident and happy as she spoke to her callers. After some time, she seemed quite pleased with her wares and met with a man in his thirties for coffee before continuing shopping and leaving together later on.

Maggie has not had much in the way of rumours all along. She dated Tung Bo when she first entered the industry, then when the two split up, and in 1997 she was moulded into a screen couple with Gallen Lo for the show "Old Time Couple" . In 1999, she was spotted on numerous occasions with Sam Chan before they admitted their relationship. They had news of separation in 2000, but their relationship continued until June this year where they were reported to have split up and Maggie to have moved out of their love nest. At the moment, it would appear that Maggie has become a rather eligible singleton.

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