Thursday, August 07, 2003

[Sing Tao News]

Ever since Jessica Hsuan announced her break up, her relationship with Gallen Lo has been rather muddled and there are rumours that Jessica was unhappy with Gallen's rather inward character and decided to end her ties with him, opting for a guy who looks a bit like him.

Last year, after Gallen's marital problems were revealed by the media, the spearhead was directed at their good friend Jessica Hsuan and although there were denials all round at the time, some reports were endless and recently, a magazine has suggested that Jessica wanted to take up her place, but then the couple got back together after the car accident and the appendicitis incident, where Gallen's wife was always by his side, this made her cut her ties with him and find another partner.

The man photographed with Jessica is called Tony Yung and reports say that he looks quite like Gallen, but he is obviously not as well off and he resides in Shatin.

When Jessica heard about the reports, she seemed rather annoyed on the telephone: "Every time, the reports are so exaggerated, Gallen and I are almost like Siamese twins in the media and we are used to it now, but the thing that upsets me most is how the magazine portrays my friend, saying he is poor because he lives in Shatin. This is unfair to everyone living in Shatin, that magazine should correct its views. (The reports say he looks a lot like Gallen?) How can that be, I can't control what they write, but he is not my boyfriend and that was just an old schoolfriends reunion."

Gallen was interviewed on long distance phone call as he is currently filming for "Tin Ngai Jui Sha Ling" in Beijing, when he heard about this report, he said: "Is she dating? She hasn't said anything, if that is the case, I would congratulate her."


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