Monday, August 18, 2003

[Sing Tao Daily News]

The twelve Miss Hong Kong finalists continued their tour of Xinhui yesterday and again attracted the attentions of the locals. However the support seems to have taken a turn as the popular Number 7 Stephanie Wang was booed by the crowds.

The girls were taken to a famous wishing tree to throw their charms into the tree, where they were watched by a crowd of locals. The support that Stephanie Wang had received the previous day was turned around as she was booed by the crowd, but she took it well as she pretended not to hear them. This was because after writing her wish on her lucky charm, she was unsuccessful at throwing it into the tree after trying over ten times, symbolising an unlucky omen. As a result of the booing crowds, Stephanie could only hang her charm from the tree manually and call it a day. When asked if she was affected by the booing audience, she acted dumb and said: "I didn't hear them, maybe they were just supporting me."

The wishes made by the girls mostly centred around their families' health and fortune, but only Number 15 Alice Chan was honest as she wrote down "Display my beauty and shine in all directions!". When asked whether she wanted to win, she said: "I only hope that my performance on the night will go well, because in the semi-final I stood on my skirt and nearly embarrassed myself."

As for the favourites Number 2 Mandy Cho and Number 18 Selena Lee, they both said that whether they get an award will depend on their performance on the night and is nothing to do with the gods.

When the girls left to throw coins onto the destiny stone, Number 11 Rabee'a Yeung was the most successful at this, getting 7 out of 9 coins onto the stone. She said happily: "I am not dating yet so I hope I will have 7 boyfriends in the future!" On one hand, the contestants were throwing coins at the stone, but then the locals were picking up the stones from the rock, hopefully this will not serve to affect the destinies of the girls!


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