Monday, August 11, 2003

Since the 25th July, the cast and crew of "Dai Tong Seung Lung Juen" (Double Dragon of the Tang) have been working in high temperatures in the forties, filming in China's Level 4A tourist areas of Jiejiang Xinchang Buddhist Temple and the Thousand Depths Valley sightseeing spots. Today, team B went to the temple and team A went to the valley to film in the tranquil bamboo forests. Under the shade of the bamboo and the gentle running water of the streams, the valley seemed like a small oasis with the gentle winds of the valley and this seemed to reduce the heat stress on the team members as they completed the filming plans for the day. The scene being filmed by Team A was where the 'Double Dragons' Kau Chung (Raymond Lam) and Tsui Tze Ling (Ron Ng) set out for battle and also the scene where Kau Chung and Sung Yuk Chi (Lee Sin) have an emotional scene displaying "Tao is like having no eyes, yet still having eyes".


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