Saturday, August 23, 2003

Sammul Chan is a big kid and loves his toys, still playing with his figurines and never growing up. However despite his childish ways, he is still totally serious when it comes to work and he has been praised by Alan Tam who says he has great artistic potential. He himself is also very ambitious, seeing Chow Yun Fat as his target and hoping to make a career for himself.

Ever since he was young, Sammul has loved his 'Nau Dan' figures and has quite a collection of them at home. However when he moved house he lost many of his collection. Some have also been lent to friends who have never returned them and feeling awkward in asking for them back, they are destined to 'never be seen again', making him quite upset. As well as this toy, Sammul also likes to collect first edition cartoon figures with his favourites being "Sing Dau Si Sing Chi" (Power Rangers) and "Gwai Yi Chun Bok Si" (Strange Doctor Chun). Sammul has a small tip for readers as it turns out that some large Japanese department stores can offer some nice surprises and it is not difficult to find some suitable toys there.

Whilst he was studying, he used a lot of his spending money on "Nau Dan" toys as he started collecting them in his primary school days. He says that often it can take him a long time to go and find them because some are limited editions that may not be found in Hong Kong, so as soon as he started working, he went out to Japan to look for the object of his desires. Luckily, Sammul has a sister who loves him very much and now she keeps a look out for her brother's favourite item and buys it for him so he doesn't need to worry any more. When asked whether he had ever thought about opening a toyshop, Sammul says he hasn't.

Although he likes playing with toys, Sammul takes his work very seriously and professionally. His series "Lut Ching San Yan Wong" (Survivor's Law) has just finished airing and as one of the lead roles, he responds modestly to the good results: "Actually I feel I could have done better and I will keep working hard." He never imagined that the show would do so well and each time he goes out there will be people who will greet and talk to him, just like seeing an old friend. When asked whether he is pleased that the company is promoting him, he says: "There is no such thing as promoting or not promoting, but I have to thank the company for all the opportunities it has given me, especially to the producer Leung Ka Shu, because I have learned so much from him and after the show, my workload has increased significantly."

Sammul has been with TVB for four years now and before that he was a DJ. You would never know that he and Raymond Lam have both been in the 'passer by A' roles together with no lines and have now moved to the lead roles, so they are both pleased with their current progress and will often call each other out for dinner. As they are both the young generation of male leads, is he afraid there will be comparisons between him and Raymond? He says he is not afraid because they have different appearances - Raymond is dark and solid whereas he is a bit lighter and smarter. Sammul hopes that he can continue progressing in the entertainment industry and gain some results in his acting, trying out different roles and gaining the recognition from the audience. His role model is Chow Yun Fat and he sees Fat Gor's success as his target, vowing to gain results of his own.

Headmaster of the music industry Alan Tam had earlier praised Sammul, as it turns out that Alan had heard Sammul's song and felt that his voice is very good and coupled with great looks, he wants to help promote him. Gaining the support of Alan, does Sammul feel pressurised? He admits that the pressure is there, and he does want to launch a singing career as he has previously sung some children's songs and gained awards for this, however he is still looking for a suitable record company at the moment. Sammul is very thankful to Alan because he offers him a lot of feedback on his singing and helps him along - he hopes that one day he can do both acting and singing well.

After finding fame, Sammul has been the target of many media reports, even revealing some of his personal life with magazines chasing his father for an interview, Sammul responds restlessly: "I know it will be like this as I am an artiste, but I am most unhappy about them hassling my family, going to my father's workplace to look for him as this will affect his work. If there is anything you want then come and find me, don't bother my family."

Recently there have been reports that Sammul has been living with Myolie, he says: "Actually we are just neighbours upstairs and downstairs from each other, beforehand we didn't know we both lived there." Have the reports affected you? He replies directly: "No, we are still friends and there is nothing to hide. In fact, we call each other more now because whoever leaves first will check for the press and let the other know!" Just like a radar station!

When asked what type of girl he likes, he reveals: "I don't have a set criteria, but the first thing must be that she needs to have a great personality and not too much hassle because my work is often unstable and often it will be a long time before we can see each other."


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