Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Requested by miriam

"Self-confidence is having the courage to face up to challenges and difficulties, not like the way I was - a person who had little confidence to do anything."

Asking Maggie Cheung what is the definition of confidence, she speaks openly that in the past she saw everything as dim and grey and felt that there were many problems that could not be solved, but now she has matured and knows how to deal proactively with whatever challenges she faces.

Maggie's heart is full with the self-confidence and assertivenes of the modern woman.

To start with, Maggie was very much against dressing provocatively as a great discomfort loomed over the subject like a dark cloud, the thought of her appearing in the type of clothes she wore for her "LF Perfect Woman" promotions was incomprehensible. "In the past, I didn't like appearing in sexy clothes because I didn't agree that only this appearance would be considered as beautiful; but in fact, it was just down to my lack of confidence. After this course of slimming and breast enhancement, I have not only improved my figure, I also gained a great reassurance in my heart and soul, a feeling that I have never experienced before. I let myself become beautiful, not for anything else, but just to be pretty, to take hold of my body and soul and really own myself, and now I can. After saying this, Maggie displays a strong smile, a smile that will entice a belief in her...

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