Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Requested by janice

[Oriental Daily]

Moses Chan Ho doesn't like making himself look pretty as he loves being natural and whilst filming "Fung Mo Heung Lo" (Shanghai 1920) he has gained a lot of freckles from being out in the sun, but this has gained him a contract with SaSa cosmetics as their representative with a six-figure fee to film a set of advertisements for their blemish reducing formula, from now on he will have to learn to look pretty!

Earlier, Moses' weight rocketed to over 200 lbs and in order to give everyone a fresh new image, he underwent a major dieting regime and after three weeks, there has been an obvious result. He reveals he has lost about 18 lbs, but it has been hard work because there is so much he cannot eat, however he will not give up and will continue working at reducing his weight. Later, Moses will be filming for TVB's Qing Dynasty costume drama "Gam Chi Yuk Yip" (Palatial Sins) and he will need to shave his hair off for the role. Because the ad will be screened in September and he will have to appear in promos with a shaven head, the company was a little concerned, but in the end they are going ahead as planned and Moses will just have to appear with his bald head. He understands that by going bald this will affect his advertising contracts so he hopes that he can do all the shoots before he shaves his head and then he hopes that he will be able to take on a different type of advertisement, maybe something like hair growth formula - that would be ideal.


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