Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Recently Gilbert Lam has been spotted wandering around TVCity talking to himself, is he reciting his lines? Then it is noticed he is wearing a small contraption on his ear and it turns out to be Bluetooth. [Mobile Communications transmittor/receiver.]

Gilbert says: "Yeah! Wearing this handsfree to talk on the phone is very convenient, especially when driving. The reception through Bluetooth is very clear and and there's no need for a wire hanging off the earpiece, it is so much better than before."

New technology really can improve the quality of life, so how much did this upgrade cost Gilbert? The answer is 900 dollars, no wonder Gilbert thinks it is great value.

On the set of "Nameless Angels 3D", Shirley can often be seen carrying a small white bag, so she was asked whether this was her own bag or a prop. So then Shirley amusingly pulls out another bag from the white bag and says: "This one is mine." It turns out for the sake of convenience, Shirley stuffs her own bag inside the prop, that way she can keep her important things by her side.

So what's in the bag?
1. Powder box 2. Oil absorbing paper 3. Phone 4. Hand Cream 5. Lipstick, lip colour and lip pencil 6. $200

Images courtesy TVBspace News Roundup
Taken from TVB Weekly 29/07/03

One for the Charmaine fans.......... Midnight Car Chase!

Having once injured her neck in a car accident, Charmaine Sheh braves the speeds again in a car chase together with Sonija Kwok and Shirley Yeung in the middle of the night! Is she not afraid of being arrested? Of course not, because they are the three Police Flowers!

This time they are chasing the terrorists, so they have to work together.
* Charmaine is the best driver, so she is at the wheel, the bad guys definitely won't get away this time.
* Madame Sonija's expressions are the best, if the criminals aren't afraid of her gun, they will be afraid of her stare!
* Little sis Shirley has practised for a long time to get her gun pose right, but she really looks the part.

Face change!
* Why has Charmaine suddenly changed into Kwok Cheuk Wah? And Sonija and Shirley have changed their faces as well! Oh... because the scene is quite dangerous, it's time for the stuntmen and stunt doubles to step in.
* Charmaine is so playful as she gives a pair of horns to her little fan.

* Oh dear, Yeung Ka Lok is shot! Will the three girls capture the terrorists and rescue him?
* The terrorists target is Ka Lok, so as they chase after him in his car, they also have to evade and fight against the 'three flowers'.
* This big cousin is so excited in seeing the girls that he fights with his young cousins to have his photo taken with them first.

* Don't look at Shirley Yeung's great figure and think that she has a small appetite, actually she can eat quite a lot. Take this night for instance, first she eats an apple pie, then a big bun and some pop and then not long later, she is eating rice porridge and fried pastry and then she keeps a pack of sesame seed biscuits in her pocket for when she feels peckish! Of course, filming through the night is hard work, so she has to eat more and keep her energy levels up!

Although Charmaine has experience of filming action shows, the ones in the past have always been ancient dramas, this time is her first in a modern action series - how does she feel?

"I feel it is quite a challenge and beforehand the company had arranged for us to undergo fighting training to make the effect look a little more aesthetic. Modern fighting and ancient fighting is a bit different and I think the former is more stylish."

Actually, ancient fighting can be very stylish as well, but Charmaine reveals that she had an embarrassing moment when filming an ancient drama: "You often have to hold a weapon when filming martial arts shows and sometimes I end up 'poking' people with it by accident, maybe it is because I'm a bit dopey. Also, sometimes I will end up being hit on the head." Although upon hearing this it would seem that the person who hit her isn't looking after her, but weapons don't have eyes and we can only warn Charmaine to be more careful in the future.

Image courtesy TVBspace News Roundup
[TVB Weekly 22/07/03]

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